In collaboration with Express Scripts Canada, FCH provides the nation-wide medical, dental, and pharmaceutical claims processing service for the Non-Insured Health Benefits (NIHB) Program through Health Canada, with FCH staff processing all of the paper and manual NIHB claims. As FCH is a subsidiary of the Tribal Councils Investment Group of Manitoba Ltd., FCH can ensure that the financial benefits of this contract flow back to First Nations communities, and that our hiring practices reflect the same.

FCH is open to new opportunities and partnerships, that allow us the opportunity to marry our expertise in the health field, processing operations, and operations management, to our desire to provide excellent service that also benefits the Indigenous community.



FCH was established by Tribal Councils Investment Group of Manitoba (TCIG) in 1998 and secured the NIHB contract through Health Canada, the country’s largest group benefit plan for First Nations and Inuit beneficiaries.

I am pleased that the awarding of this contract will create jobs and economic growth in Aboriginal communities. Today’s investments are tomorrow’s dividends. Doing business with Aboriginal peoples is good business and strong alliances between Aboriginal and non-Aboriginal people benefits all Canadians.

– Minister of Indigenous and Northern Affairs Canada, 1997 upon the initial awarding of the NIHB contract to First Canadian Health Management Corp.

In 2005, FCH achieved ISO 9001:2000 certification. And in 2007, FCH partnered with Express Scripts Canada to continue to support the Health Canada NIHB Program

… (N)ative peoples of Canada are sure to benefit from such partnerships, not only economically, but also in the promotion of a healthy population.

– Benefits Canada magazine, July/August 1997 ‘Bidding for a Healthy Future’ by Sonya Felix

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